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Walk from Gerringong to Minnamurra via Kiama in Winter!

Gerringong to Minnamurra: the Kiama Walk! - 22 km
Let’s get well out of the City! For the whole day!
We’ll travel two hours south of Sydney and be transported to some of Australia’s most gorgeous rural and coastal landscapes. Our trek starts at Gerringong Railway Station, from where we take local roads up to the town’s southern headland, before descending to Werri Beach. At the northern end of the beach, we cross Werri Lagoon. The local low tide coincides with our visit, so we should be able to cross the Lagoon whilst staying nice and dry! On the other side we enter a truly unique Coastal Track which ends 5km later at Loves Bay, where we take a 15 minute break, and snack on something!
From Loves Bay a further 5km of beaches, parks, stairs and local roads take us past the reliable Little Blowhole and into the local population centre, the beautiful township of Kiama. Here, we have a generous 40 minute lunch on the foreshores of Kiama Harbour. The Big Blowhole is a five minute stroll, for those who can’t resist having a peek!
Replenished with lunch, we step up the pace as we still have 9 km to go. After an easy climb out of Kiama, to Pheasant Point, sweeping views of Bombo Beach open up. We skirt this big beach on local footpaths. At its end we enter trails through a complex of bays and inlets which harbour spectacular volcanic formations, such as The Boneyard and Cathedral Rocks. With the long sweep of Jones Beach behind us, we ascend its northern headland. On the far side we look down on the Minnamurra River, curved around its Namesake Village and twisting again as it empties into the sea. It looks like the Garden of Eden! A short walk to Minnamurra Train Station completes the walk.
Distance: 22 km
Type of Walk: This walk is a full day adventure filled with great natural beauty, coastal tracks, a rich diversity of pristine eco-systems and idyllic coastal communities.
Difficulty: Medium, although we must maintain a good pace all day to ensure we arrive at Minnamurra no later than 5pm. There are no real climbs, just gentle up-hills. A good level of fitness is required.
The only real get out point is Kiama, from where you can train back to Sydney.
Walking Pace: We will maintain a steady pace all day and average 4 km per hour. We must be at Minnamurra by no later than 5:00 pm, to ensure we catch the 5.12 train to Sydney.
Meeting Place and Transport: The train leaves from Central Station Platform 25 at 7.29 am and arrives in Kiama on Platform 2 at 9.46 am. We change for the Gerringong Train, which leaves Kiama Platform 1 at 9.56, arriving in Gerringong at 10.05 am. Please make sure you do not miss the connection to Gerringong, as the next service is an hour later, and will mess up your day! We return Sydney by train departing Minnamurra Station at 5.12 pm, arriving Central Station at 7.18 pm.
What to bring: Good walking shoes/boots or trainers; 2 litres of water, refill at Kiama; hydrolytes; two snacks and one lunch; light rain jacket depending on conditions; sunscreen and a cap or hat with a wide brim. Consider some warmer clothing; it may be cool in this area by July. Think about snacks for the return train journey!
Gratuity: There will be a $5 gratuity for this walk.
Pub: As we do not arrive back in Sydney until 7.18 pm on a Sunday evening, this will be a tasty beer free event!
By RSVPing to this event you agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions of Sydney Explorers which you can view here
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I look forward to seeing you on this walk. I will post my mobile number closer to the day.

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