sábado, enero 03, 2009


Jane Young created this lovely movie combining both Soul Art Collage Workshops I presented on the February 22nd and 23rd, 2008's Ocean of Gratitude Cruise. Participants including the men in each workshop expressed enthusiastically, "Soul Art Collage is fun, relaxing and greatly appreciated the ways creating their Soul Art Collage brought everything they had experienced and learned throughout the week together into a "take home" piece of art as a daily reminder!"Soul Art Collage celebrates participating in life with the attitude of infinite love and gratitude encompassing the flow of Good Hado vibrations. I reference Dr. Masaru Emoto's healing work with water and how understanding our link to water, the interconnection between ourselves and our environment empowers us to be the change we want to experience. Participants create an effective, focused visual aid that embraces positive intentions in all areas of life that they are able to connect with daily enables them to manifest goals, dreams, and aspirations.

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